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Celebrities Who Can Never Look as Beautiful Again, Sadness

There are celebrities who look beautiful in their naturality; there are celebrities who have got their looks enhanced, and there are celebrities who have had to face the repercussions of the beauty treatments. 

Here we enlist the celebs who have had to bear the far-reaching 'not-so-good' effects of the beauty treatments like Botox and fillers. The constant urge and desire to look as beautiful or to fit into the societal standards of 'beauty', these celebs have fallen prey to their obsession, which, we too, regret!

Guilt and sadness aside, these celebrities on the list have been eye-openers for us. Our looks are closely tied to our image in the society. As a result, the obsession over them is totally justified. But what hurts is when the efforts to beautify oneself backfire. Nothing seems sadder than that. As an excess of everything is dangerous, so is the addiction to the beautification treatments, trying to defeat ageing.

Have a look at this list to get to know the flip side.

Johnny Depp  

Having been a heartthrob of Hollywood, this man has lost the charming looks, in front of our eyes. After his divorce to Amber Heard, he fell apart and cared least about himself. Drained in love?

Lindsay Lohan 

Unfortunately, for Lindsay, the damage was done pretty early. LiLo had been pretty entertaining in her days, with making news each day. She was messy in general and had lapsed into bad habits early in life. It was with her lifestyle that she had to lose her freshly charming looks.

Courteney Cox

The F.R.I.E.N.D.S actor had gone too far with plastic surgery and can look the same only in pictures now. I can't tell you how much we miss the sharp-featured chiseled face of Monica!

Demi Moore 

Gosh, maybe she took the complete concept of aging too seriously and ended up in this situation. We so wish, she still had the charm that used to give guys the feels and women, a lot of competition!


All the Botox and the fillers on her face have backfired badly. In the view of maintaining her young looks, she lost way too much.

Rob Kardashian 

Well, he went from fit and athletic to obese. While his sisters are busy expanding their empire, we too wish, he comes out and practices his real self, instead of being recluse.

Janice Dickinson 

Having been an amazing supermodel and been on the judging panel of America's Next Top Model, Janice had undergone a lot of surgeries which were all in vain.

Melanie Griffith

It is better to be happy with the looks that the Almighty has blessed us with. Melanie did think otherwise and had to face the flak of getting a lot of treatment done.

Renee Zellweger 

I am sure, the plastic surgeries she underwent did her any favors. She was much cuter, we so wish she did not indulge in all those baits.

Donatella Versace 

The high-style fashion designer now has to deal with the not-so-good effects of immense treatments and surgeries. 
We do miss the earlier better looks of celebs.

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