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10 Shocking Signs And Symptoms Of Early Breast Cancer

We as women often complain men ogling at our most prized possession, i.e., our breasts but have we ever stopped and paid attention to them ourself? Ladies, it is important to know what is going on in your body because it always sends alarming signs that you obviously fail to notice. And then, diseases start to attack.

One of the most lethal diseases of all time, cancer, which often ends up taking various innocent lives if not diagnosed at the right time, has been in the news for quite a long time. According to Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), approximately 17.3 lakh cases of cancer are expected to get registered by 2020. You will be shocked to know that among females, breast cancer has topped the list. It's time we look deep into the signs and signals that can prevent it.

The month of October, which is also marked as the Month Of Breast Cancer Awareness is about to arrive and we thought of sharing some valuable information with our readers. 

A change in how your breast feels 

The most common symptom of breast cancer is the appearance of a lump. These painless, rigid and gross bumps can be seen on or around the nipple area. Beware, in some cases, they appear to be soft and round too. 


Enlargement of pores 

If you find a change in the texture of your skin or enlargement of pores similar to an orange peel, it's time to visit a doctor. 

Change in nipples

Your nipples are like identical twin babies, if one behaves differently or is slightly inverted you must tell this to your doctor and discuss the reasons why it may have happened.

Nipple discharge 

It is very crucial to note if our breasts are secreting any discharge other than lactation. 

Have you ever experienced this? 

If you get an unexplained pain on or around that area of your body, you must never take it lightly or shoo it away. 

Take charge, visit the doctor. 

Nipple Retraction

Nipples are meant to point outward, and if yours is pointing inward, this case is known as a 'Nipple Retraction' in medical terms. It is one of the signs of early breast cancer.

The pain

If you face a severe pain or ache in your upper back it may also be a symptom of breast cancer because when tumors develop they put a pressure on ribs. 


Collar bones and breast cancer 

The bulge or lump is not just limited to the breast portion. In some cases, the lump can be on or around the collar bone or even armpit.


Don't take redness lightly 

According to National Cancer Institute, Paget disease of the breast is a rare type of cancer that collects all the cancer cells around the nipple area making it red, itchy and irritated.

It is important to seek medical help 

We don't disagree with the fact that these symptoms can depict a different picture, it might not be something as severe as cancer, but all these things must be discussed with a doctor because mammography, which is a technique to diagnose and locate tumors in breast does not find it accurately all the time. 
Beware and keep a check on your assets!
If they show some change, report it to your doctor.  


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