Looking for something to watch !!!, So Look At These 17 Photos Of Puppies

1. Look: This has been a difficult week. But maybe this puppy will help.

u/miamia4259 / Via reddit.com

2. Just take a minute to yourself to look at this puppy having a heck of a good time in the grass.

u/rypalm / Via reddit.com

3. Or how about this gorgeous girl enjoying her first trip to the farmers market?

u/alphawolfbraz / Via reddit.com

4. This smol boi can fit in the palm of your hand.

u/CardashianWithaB / Via reddit.com

5. And this one is just really happy to see you!

u/daggerbombs13 / Via reddit.com

6. It might only help for a second, but this sweet spotted gal is here to make you feel better.

u/kiernug / Via reddit.com

7. Or this tiny little boy with a sandy face!

u/upturned_turtles / Via reddit.com

8. And this wee wrinkled baby!!

u/californiagovernor / Via reddit.com

9. Sometimes all you need is a tiny leaf (to eat).

u/jasminemilkteagirl / Via reddit.com

10. Perhaps you’d do better with TWO smiling puppies?

u/doggos-are-cute / Via reddit.com

11. Or a teensy puppy in a sweater! That’s the ticket!

u/thefoodiedentist / Via reddit.com

12. This teensy floof will give you at least a little bit of a dopamine hit.

u/grilledmackerel / Via reddit.com

13. Pit bull puppies are incredibly sweet and are sure to brighten your day.


14. This puppy has brought you a toy!

u/Er_Coues / Via reddit.com

15. This puppy is giving a wild howl of happiness, just for you.

u/LumberjackPreacher / Via reddit.com

16. Seriously, just look at this face and try not to make a joyful noise. It’s an exercise in futility.

u/FNTasteyCakes / Via reddit.com

17. You can’t always stop bad news from happening. But you can always depend on the happy faces of puppies to help just a little bit.

u/Wildchild0822 / Via reddit.com